Little Miss Doo Wop


You may have noticed this luscious lady popping up

on our Instagram page, so it's with great pleasure we 

welcome Little Miss Doo Wop as a brand ambassador!


So tell us a bit about yourself!


I'm a full time pinup and dog mum from Norfolk.

I love vintage and antiques. You'll often find me

rummaging through tat at the weekends. I have a

low key Titanic obsession and know all the words

to songs I shouldn't! 


Occupation: Marketing & Design Coordinator

Age: 29


Location: Gorleston, UK


Loves: Antiques and cocktails.


Hates: Furry fruit.


Guilty Pleasure: Bargain Hunt


Style: Rockabilly and classic 1950's pinup.


What do you love about LLB?

For me, Lady Luck is a local company, so it is great to be able to champion a local business. They understand the importance of a good accessory and helpt to make that perfect outfit even more amazing!



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