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Alyssa Albanese


Please welcome our first ever Ambassador from the States, Alyssa Rose! Alyssa's style caught our eye with her unique blend of vintage clothing with her cute and geeky personality, she is colourful and her photos and hair tutorials will always give you a smile!  


NAME: Alyssa Albanese

LOCATION: Orange County, California US

TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF: I’m a student/library worker, I love to read, I love true crime. I also love dressing vintage and wearing colourful clothes. 

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE: Colourful pinup with a little bit of modern. 

WHO ARE YOUR INFLUENCES: Gertie, Trixie Mattel, 

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE LLB FLOWER AND HOW DO YOU LIKE TO WEAR IT? The Amelia hair flower in pink peony. I don’t own it but I would wear it with a half poodle or a poodle. 


Instagram - @littlespookycute

Blog -

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