Dolly Daydream

Say hello to Dolly, published pinup model, proud Northerner, seasonal Londoner, professional tap dancer, amateur baker, occasional radio personality and Miss Pinup UK 2014.


Tell us a little bit about yourself, Dolly...


I have a passion for vintage fashion, an ear for big band, a taste for gin and an unhealthy obsession with Jessica Fletcher. A self-professed YAP (Young Aged Pensioner), I'm sure I could raise the roof at any old folks home. 


Age: 27


Location: London, UK


Occupation: Pinup PA


Love: Tea, Gin, Murder She Wrote.


Hate: Ham, Caramel, Rude People.


Guilty Pleasure:

Occasional video games and eating cake for breakfast.



Classic pinup - think mid 50's Marilyn with a dose of MGM cheesecake.


What do you love about LLB?

Well apart from the fabulous accessories of course, I love all the girls that wear them. A supportive community of beauties that have the strongest accessorizing skills you've ever seen!




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